Wedding Invitations


Wedding orders must be made by contacting Ginna Dunlap directly.

The Custom Wedding Suite includes:
Return Address
Reply Card
Reply Card Envelope
Reception Card =  Additional $50

Handwritten Envelopes and Cards
Ginna Emmet accepts lists in mailing label format.
Please convert your excel spread sheets to read as:

Outer Envelope
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Morton Emmet
3017 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida

Inner Envelope
Mr. and Mrs. Emmet

Please spell out everything as you wish it to be written. Such as cities, states, and streets.
Apartments, units, condos, or suites will be indicated at the end
of the address line by a "·" unless otherwise specified.

(Client must order an additional 25 envelopes per 100 invitations)

Inner & Outer Envelopes in Black Ink = $4
Outer Envelopes Only = $3.50
Place Cards = $2
Escort Cards (card & envelope) = $3
Table Numbers = $8
**Metallic Ink = Add $1**
**Custom Ink = $50 flat fee**
**Lined Envelopes = Add $1**
**Black Paper = Add $1**

Custom Artwork
Menu Design = $125
One-letter Cipher = $100
Two-letter Cipher = $200
Three-letter Cipher = $300
Two-letter Monogram = $150
Three-letter Monogram = $200
Hand-drawn Maps = $200

Printing Options:
Digital Flat Printing


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